Check out these stunning exterior and interior shots of the Southern Water Tribe Palace. This is the setting of Unalaq’s kidnapping and Korra’s brawl against the rebels, seen in this past Friday’s episode.

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Kataang Family Pictures | We get to see more of them in less than 24 hours

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I haven’t posted any art stuffs here in awhile, so here is a Korra. 

I’m really excited to see Korra go into the Avatar state. She and Aang are complete opposites, but I have a feeling she’ll have trouble controlling it just like he did.

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GIMP - “Legend of Korra Returns” Timelapse video on YouTube!!!

Here’s the full image.  It’s just a simple high res picture of Korra to mark the return of LoK! I’m super excited for Book 2, are you?

Legend of Korra © Bryan Konietzko & Michael Dante DiMartino
Artwork © dCTb
All work done in GIMP

•mostly done on one layer

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Still some hours to go so what better to do while waiting than draw Fanart and what time could be better to finally finish this piece?

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Legend of Korra tonight, fools!


"Just you and me, brother.

The showdown that was always meant to be.”

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I’m not daddy’s helpless little girl.

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These three pictures from the trailer seem to be set at the same place… From what I see Korra and the Twins are fighting a spirit or something OR they could be fighting each other and the twins are evil OR Korra could be possessed by a spirit and the twins are trying to save her but Eska looks pretty angry and that’s probably not the case… What do you think?

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